It is said by numerous astrologists that that we have moved out of the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.  Each “Age” last 2,000 years.  Apparently, confirming the exact dates is quite complicated; but I feel the Piscean Age is waning and we are moving into the Age of Aquarius and here’s why.

The Piscean Age was dominated by “To Be or Not to Be”(Shakespeare) and a search for “something to believe in”.   Just about everyone one  (think of the sixties) at one time or another was searching for the answer to “why are we here?”  Our world’s focus has been on hierarchy and power.  We can see how that can fail (terrorism, abuse of power, racism, lack of leadership, ignorance and arrogance).   

The Aquarian Age is dominated by “Be Still and Know” that everything you need is within.  No more searching!  The Age of Aquarius is for “doing”.  A time in the world to look at the problems with a new perspective.  Shift our energy to thinking outside that tightly closed box this “Age” is all about “CHANGE”!  


The Age of Aquarius is dominated by “information sharing and global community networks” —this has flattened the field.  The pandemic has forced people to learn how to socially connect, run their businesses and navigate their needs for goods and services.  The  new age is all about a higher consciousness and owning our power.  We can make a difference!  We now have power of our voice to reach others  from inside our own homes.  We can change our world together one post at a time.

Connection To COVID-19 and The Age of Aquarius

 It took a pandemic and I feel we’ve had a major wake-up call!  The Age of Aquarius has dawned!  Covid-19 has brought the World to an awareness that “we are all in this together”.  To get through this right now, as we see some lightening of restrictions, we must still keep our distance, we must follow the recommendations of our health leaders and work together to do what’s best for our families, friends and communities.   We must “be still and know” —we do not want to be responsible for spreading Covid and causing anyone to die.


Through Covid-19 the change has begun!  We witness people sharing, caring, helping — focusing on the needs of each other and turning to strangers when their own loved ones cannot be with them in their hour of need. We see our nurses and doctors caring for patients and those patients waking from the covid haze with nothing but love for their caregiver.  This is “love” in action!  We have set aside our personal goals for the betterment of our community, city, province or state, our country, our world — we are all acting as one.  Covid-19 has raised our consciousness— it has woken us from our “sleep” and shown us things we need to change.  For instance nursing homes, where the staff is undervalued, underpaid and in need of training, need, need to make changes to better care for our seniors.  It has put the spotlight on the people who need help sustaining a reasonable quality of life.  It has focused on the importance of a health care system that is lacking proper equipment and staff to handle our growing population among other things too numerous to mention.  Despite all the changes to be made our Province has acted quickly and wisely to prevent a disaster and we are thankful for all they have done.   Covid is the call to make positive changes now for the future.



In keeping with the Age of Aquarius  which is all about change, here are a few ways to “Be Still and Know”.  You do not need to believe in something outside of yourself to become a leader of one: yourself.


Trust your instincts, follow your heart and listen to that small inner voice that’s trying to be heard.  “ Be the love, kindness and the peace you wish to see.”  Here  are some suggestions to support and bolster your strength.  A few ways to keep you balanced despite what negativity is happening in the outside world:


  1. Maintain a daily habit – whatever suits your personality (journaling, exercise, yoga, meditation, contemplation, morning reading) – or whatever calls you.


  1. Find 5 positives from the previous day to start your new day.


  1. Find ways to share with others – simple things like a phone call, an e-mail, baked goods, a meal or some small way to contribute.   A smile and a kind word makes a huge difference.  Be a light!


  1. If able, find a way to be of service that appeals to you in your part of the world — apartment, neighbourhood or community. Giving and receiving bring joy to both the giver and the recipients. “En Joy”


I will end this with a poem I rattled off the other day called “Cosmic Change” .


This journey’s been rough

Our “old life” we’re missing.

We’ve had to be tough

No hugging and kissing.

 Could this be a time

To embrace our true needs.

To plant a new garden

Get rid of the weeds.

 Family life’s aflourish!

Bike rides, picnics and walking

Which does more than nourish

It encourages talking.

 Working from home

Could be a solution

Cut down on omissions

Reduce the pollution.

 Canada, let’s show respect

Honour our seniors

They deserve their rest.

Appreciate essential workers

Pay them the best.

 We’re calling in our order

From this side of the border.

We’re getting quite vocal

About shopping local.


Covid-19’s the bell

That wakes us from sleep

Let’s find in this hell

Good changes to keep



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