Since the mass shooting, April 19, 2020, in Nova Scotia, I have had feelings of anger for the shooter’s heinous acts and for all the lives lost.  A heavy weight of sadness for the pain and sorrow for all those people directly connected in any way (families, friends, neighbours, co-workers, RCMP, first responders, firefighters, health care workers, reporters and our elected officials) weighs me down.   There is also a feeling of shame that this would happen in our wonderful province known for its beauty, music, kindness and caring.  This has affected our entire Country.   I have taken little comfort in envisioning a wrathful God when “the shooter” arrived at the gates.


Today, 11 days later (April 30, 2020 (04302020=11) —I woke up with a realization that my absolute knowing that “we are all one” was being tested.  How could I continue to believe, as a human being, that “we are all one” from the same source when pure evil was recently committed by another human being.  My instinct is “separation” — my feeling is “fear”.


I don’t want to think that the mass shooter and I are connected in any way, so how do I maintain my belief that “we are all one?”  How do I “say those words ever again with any kind of conviction?  My “go to” for answers has always been “books”.  When I awoke this morning, I felt urged to pick “A Course in Miracles” Foundation for Inner Peace —off the bookshelf on my way to get a cup of coffee.


This book is in small print and is divided into 6 parts – Preface, Text, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers, Clarification of Terms and Supplements totalling 1,256 pages.  Whew, I will never get through it!  However, each time I have been searching for answers, they seem to appear.  Today, as I opened to the Preface, it seemed to be speaking to me—“Sin is defined as ‘lack of love’.  Since love is all there is, sin in the sight of God is a mistake to be corrected, rather than an evil to be punished.”  Whoa, what the heck does that mean?  As I read further, the truth of love is, “love is incapable of asking for anything.”  In our “world of perception” (seeing through the eyes of the body) — we seek in others what we lack in ourselves, we love in order to gain what we need.  According to the book …“There can be no greater mistake than that, for love is incapable of asking for anything.”


God’s vision reflects Strength vs weakness, Unity rather than separation, Love vs fear. These are God’s alternatives to the illusion of separation and to the belief in the reality of sin, guilt and death.  It is the one correction for all errors of perception; the one reconciliation of the seeming opposites on which this world is based….  What is regarded as injustices done to one by someone else now becomes a call for help and union.  These words made me think of the characteristics of some of the tragic shootings that have occurred in many other countries – “Sin is defined as ‘lack of love’ Or perceived lack of love”


So I was beginning to think —  “How many thousands of times have we prayed together, with sincerity— “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” .


As I continued to read  …To offer Forgiveness is the only way for us to have it, for it reflects the law of God that giving and receiving are the same.


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