September 22 2019

I met Shirley for the first time when I participated in an AMR (Affirmations, Meditation, Reiki) session in Fall River. After the session, we stood by my car and had a great chat. We discussed spirituality as opposed to our religious upbringing.  Shirley confided that she was fearful of God as a child as she pictured him as “one large eye” constantly watching her.  I agreed that it must have been difficult to feel God as a loving Father with a huge eye watching your every move.

HAFIZ has a quote which I like as I envision this is how God sees us:

”I wish I could show you when you are lonely, or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own Being.”


September 24 2019

Tuesday afternoon, Susan, a lady I met for the first time on a 3 hour plane ride from Orlando to Halifax a year earlier, messaged me a picture of an unusual painting she just finished of a girl standing among various coloured eyes.  I wondered if this coincidence had anything to do with the Reiki treatment I just had —“ drumroll please — DA, DA —“the third eye?”



September 25, 2019

Wednesday afternoon Donna, my sister, and I were heading back to my car after a lovely lunch.  As we were walked along, I glanced down and there was a single sticker on the cement sidewalk of a “single eye” which I promptly peeled off & stuck on the bag I was carrying.   Oh, yes,  did I mention the name of the street “ Isleville”  (pronounced Eyesville) —those Cosmic Imps are hilarious!


January 5, 2020

I woke up with an urge to learn more about birds so I spent all morning identifying them and then figuring out their spiritual meaning.  Did you know that feathers are symbols that link us with the bird who owned them and our Creator?


As I studied birds and their feathers, I realized that there are a few birds whose main trait is “sight”.  It appeared that my love affair with feathers was connected to all the “eyes” I kept “seeing”.


For example, owls have binocular vision.  When they search for their prey in the dark night their wings are soundless.  The spiritual message of the owl feather is about renewal and exploring mystery in ancient knowledge.  There you will find clear-seeing and wisdom.



The Hawk is considered a messenger of the spiritual world.  It’s main traits are clear vision, focus and patience.   Their message is to seek a higher vision.

January 10, 2020

A thoughtful dinner guest brought me a box of chocolates during the holidays.  A delightful looking ribbon, covered in blue and green peacock feathers, was wrapped around the box.

In Christianity the Peacock represents the “all-seeing” church.  One of the messages is to let people see your true colours.  The Peacock also represents protection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity. The Peacock feathers remind us that Our Creator is watching over us and symbolizes “rising from the ashes” a earthy manifestation of the Phoenix.



The overall message is to explore the event, experience and relationship and see the bigger picture.  Finding the lesson that speaks to us will help us rise from the ashes renewed.




Sky turned to soot black

Reflecting my charcoal thoughts

Darker inside than out.

Hawk feather floated down

Gently kissed the ground.

The message is clear

To look beyond the storm

To our true reality.

Margaret Jollimore





6 Replies to “COSMIC CLARITY”

  1. I really enjoyed this blog Marg. Definitely food for thought. Loved your poem. Another one for your book!

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