CREATIVITY — FEELINGS OF LOVE & CONNECTION can inspire us to express ourselves through creative pursuits (painting, writing, poetry, sculpting, needlework, cooking/baking, music, dance, acting, speaking/facilitating, working with clay, etc.). I could go on and on but I know in my soul that creativity is whatever brings joy to ourselves and others. I also know we are all in essence “creative beings”.



CREATIVITY — FEELINGS OF SADNESS/ANGER/DEPRESSION can also inspire us to express ourselves through creative pursuits.


DESTRUCTION — FEELINGS OF HATRED AND DISCONNECTION can cause us to attack ourselves and other.

When we forget we are creative beings and reign destruction on others, we have lost our humanity.


Inside you there’s an artist you
Don’t know about…Say
“Yes” quickly, if you’ve
Known it from before the
Beginning of the Universe.

The word “artist” is one that is so lofty that most of us wouldn’t dare use it in reference to ourselves.  My daughter bought the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron back in the late 90’s.  My reaction to the title of the book was that it was perfect for her as she pursued music, dance and theatre.  I was an avid reader but I felt in no way worthy enough to pick up and read a book for “artists”.

Twenty years later, I have my own copy of “The Artist’s Way” 25th Anniversary Edition!  I am using Julia’s book as a guide and text, as she requested, to share with others who are wondering how they can unblock and find their “creative selves”.


If you are interested in a two afternoon session of “FINDING THE CREATIVE YOU”


 “Message” me on FB Messenger (or e-mail me privately, if you are in my contact list) and I will send you a flyer.

The course will be held in late September, 2019.   Space is limited!

Creativity—like human life itself—
Begins in darkness. We need to acknowledge
This. All too often, we think only in
Terms of light: “And then the lightbulb
went on and I got it!”—It is,
However, also true that such bright ideas are
Preceded by a gestation period
That is interior, murky, and
Completely necessary.

Julia Cameron


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