The Winners are….

May and June went by in a flash.  I had so much fun doing a book signing and book launch as well as attending the Halifax Spirit, Mind, Body Expo.  The best part —you probably guessed it, was meeting so many people, catching up with old friends and making some new friends.


I thank all of you for taking time out of your busy lives to connect with me.  The winners of the draw for two gift baskets are:  Sonia Landry and Jean-Anne Sullivan.

I would like to share a couple of recent reviews (the books were purchased in person so these reviews can’t be posted on Amazon):


“You have been on an amazing journey to healing and understanding.  The things that guide you are always around you and it is amazing you draw such inspiration and hope from them. Whether it is through, signs, coincidences or a sense of presence from those who have come and gone from your life, it is amazing how you reached such a profound sense of calm and fulfilment.  I think it is from these unexplainable and yet ever present forces we are able to find it in our hearts to not only forgive others but most importantly ourselves.

Your book is wonderful and I thank you for sharing your story with me.  It gave me the opportunity and perspective to find deeper meaning within my own life and everyday experiences.  Thank you for inspiring myself and others to look beneath the surface and realize there is more to life than what we see with our eyes. Your cosmic friend,  Linda W.”

“I have been meaning to write you since the day of your book signing but, of course, got busy with other things.  It was a great day!!  As I read through your book, I had to marvel at all the research and thought you put into your writings.  And, of course, the sharing of your past experiences were skillfully woven through your writings in a manner that was insightful and empowering, rather than blaming or victimizing.  You demonstrate how, if we own our past – the good and the bad – it can lead to understanding, peace and a new personal strength.  Marian McD”

If you are interested is gifting friends or family a copy of my book (or a gift basket), please leave a comment with your contact information, or send me a note on FB Messenger.

If you have a book club and would like copies of “Cosmic Door”, please send me an e-mail or FB message.  I would be delighted to provide you with copies at a discount for 10 copies or more.  I’ll be available in September or early October if you want a book signing.

Cosmic Door” is also available on Indigo Spirit. Kindle & Kobo.


Summer’s finally arrived…..enjoy

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