Today, I am feeling grateful!

Jacquelyn Miccolis is a talented, kind, smart entrepreneur with a small business in its baby stage.  Plan a fun day downtown and stop into Sparkles ‘N Sawdust, and it’s neighbours down the block “Scanway” and “World of Tea” and say the “cosmos” sent you.  You won’t be disappointed!

The store sign for Sparkles ‘n Sawdust” is a sandwich board on the sidewalk.  The lease does not include a sign on the building!  It is a huge cost for a small business owner, so no sign on the building yet!  It’s worth the hunt!  Support Jacquelyn Miccolis’s dream to provide a shop to support creatives who aren’t able to market their products on their own. Check out the clothing, soaps along with the beautiful handmade crystal bracelets, rings and necklaces; as well as adorable items for children or grandkids.  I couldn’t resist these pins for two little girls who are 8 years old.  I am definitely going back for birthday and Christmas gifts for my grandkids when the “skinny guy” is off golfing!!  You know what I mean ladies.


Jacquelyn’s neighbour Phil, who owns World of Tea donated tea/coffee and stayed for 3 hours to make a perfect cup of tea for each visitor.  I was surprised he would give up three hours of his time and when I inquired, he said he wanted to support new small businesses and help them get off the ground as soon as possible.  Way to go Phil!

Phil was passionate about “teas of the world”; and I learned that in Asian countries tea leaves from the pot can be used in salads and other edible dishes.  Who knew!  Phil started writing a cookbook on how to incorporate tea in recipes when business was sluggish from construction over the last year.  Happily, his business is now recovering nicely.  World of Tea is a place for folks to drop in for tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a sweet or eat your brown bag sandwich at lunch with your drink of choice.  I tried the caffeine-free Vanilla Rooibos which smelled delightful and was smooth as silk.

This summer drop in for an iced coffee/tea to cool off and take a breather.  Phil actually has books available for customers to read while they take a break.  Now he will add “Cosmic Door” to the pile!


Thank you also to Scanway,  another generous neighbour,  for providing delicious sweets — they quickly disappeared!

The small businesses on Argyle are working together to support each other.  Let’s make a date to get out and support them —bring your summer visitors for a taste of what Halifax is all about!





  1. What a great support posting for those who supported you. Everything is better when we work together. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Definitely worth a visit to these shops.

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  2. Sorry we were out of town. Our son in law owns Le French Fix on corner of Argyle and Prince. Lovely patisserie.He is from France. Check it out sometime!

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