My Path to Enlightenment

In 1969, the “skinny guy” and I decided to sell our meagre belongings and drive from Halifax to Vancouver in a 1967 navy blue Pontiac Strato Chief. We had only been married four months and I think we both agreed we needed to break free of family drama.


My Mom’s brother, Charlie, was divorced and owned a small bungalow in Vancouver. He was Captain of a tugboat and gone for six week periods, then home for two weeks; and he offered us a place to stay until the skinny guy found a job. I had worked for a business machine company for two years and luckily was offered a job at their office in Vancouver.

For some unknown reason this morning,  I was thinking of all the new people I have met and connected with since my book was published December 18, 2018 who are on, what I like to think of as “the path to the Cosmic Door”.  Uncle Charlie shared with us a story about his close friend Dan who had “seen the light”!  Uncle Charlie wasn’t at all happy with this development and cast doubts about Dan’s manly status. Need I say more…



So what do you think “seeing the light” means? Back then, I just thought Dan stopped partying. Now I realize “seeing the light” is a phrase we toss around lightly when someone we know starts to change their usual behaviour. Was Dan’s experience simply one of maturity and owning responsibility or something more? Irregardless of his motivation, it got me thinking—can people who lead normal lives “see the light” even when their lives are steady and good—no major ups and downs.  I always imagined they didn’t need to see the light as they were already enlightened.


I was brought up to believe in God. I brought my children up to believe in God. I never once doubted my belief in God until I was tested.  Below is the “testing process” that I now know was a turning point in my spiritual growth:

—Something was happening (aka “it”) that I could not change

—Questioned God

—Begged for “it” to be made right

—“It”  was not made right

—Questioned myself  (I had no control)

—Did I want to believe in a God who made people suffer

Ahhhhhhh – what would happen if I chose to believe there was no God?

I knew that decision would make my life purposeless? Could I live the rest of my life believing it had no purpose?



Once I consciously make the decision to Believe in a Higher Power, it actually went in the sequence shown below:

1. Surrendered (reluctantly)
2. Accepted that I had “no control” (a huge shock)
3. Trusted (begrudgingly) there was a “Plan” for good of which we know not

The “unthinkable” can throw us to our knees and sometimes we stay there for a long time. Some people may never get back up. Those that do pick themselves up may do wonderful things for people who have been through the same experience or discover their individual way to grow and create…

Once I consciously chose to believe in a Higher Power, the door to the universe opened, showered me with miracles and revealed the following:

—I am eternal

—I am here to bring joy

—I am here to be of service to others

—I am here to heal the pain of my ancestors

—My loved ones who passed come close each time I call their name

—I am guided and never alone

—I will have a life review and be guided when I die

I understand that people on earth say they don’t believe in a God who lets terrible things happen in our earthly world. There is no doubt whatsoever that there is evil in the world. We have freedom to choose our path. Therefore evil exists!  Evil doers have a long climb up the evolutionary ladder to absolute love.


When I was stopped in my tracks and consciously made the decision to believe there is a Higher Power who has a “Plan for me, the Cosmic Door opened ….


We are not alone on this path to the light…

4 Replies to “My Path to Enlightenment”

  1. At the time of our darkest hour, when we are confused and in despair, we fall on our knees and beg God to help us. And he does slowly taking us on the path to peace and understanding so we can manage our daily struggles. This is our time of growth and when we look back, maybe years later, we can see that His grace was always with us.


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