Awareness is trusting your inner knowing.   Awareness is felt — it is not thought.

Do you have a non-stop, chattering mind that when it gets on an issue, worries it like a dog with a bone and never let’s go!


Here is something you can do to interrupt the chattering mind. I call it a mini meditation. You can do it anywhere and everywhere —-running, walking, standing, sitting or while washing your hands.

Let’s do it now”!

I will walk you through the first time, then you can easily do it yourself.

1. Big inhale and longer exhale – feel your body relax. Don’t hold your breath during the mini meditation. REPEAT!

2. Here are two words we will use —“BE” and “STILL”

3. Now close your eyes and silently say the word “BE” and keep “the space” that opens free of thought as long as you can before silently adding the word “STILL”

How long did you hold that empty space before you said “STILL?” Did you remember to breathe?

I have chosen the words “BE STILL” because I like the idea that I am calming myself but feel free to use any two words that resonate with you.



Find something you do throughout the day that will remind you to practice the mini meditation. When I started doing this, I did it every time I washed my hands. I related it to cleansing my mind of it’s busy thoughts.

Please do it one more time: “BE”———————-“STILL.” Could you hold the space open longer this time?




As a wife, mother, grandmother and friend, I had a very strong need to “do” for others at my own expense. This people-pleasing behaviour dimmed my inner light and drained my battery to the point I became exhausted and developed health concerns. I learned from that to stop trying to fixing life for those I cared about. I learned to “let go” and “let them grow.”


My learning was to give up the constant battle within to make everything better. When I made a conscious choice to ACCEPT there are people, events and experiences I could not change; gave up the constant struggling and acknowledged I had no control the only thing left was to surrender. This conscious choice allowed the universe to open and my inner light burned bright enough to act as a conduit to the One who knows what each of us needs to grow.

Learn the alchemy true human beings know.
The moment you accept what troubles
You’ve been given,
The door will open.


“BE” gentle with yourself —-treat yourself to the love you lavish on others, listen to nature’s messages and find solace in the beauty of creation. Be in your heart where love arises, not your mind where the ego rules! Just let it “BE!”

As Ranier Maria Rilke says “Live the questions now!” As the space between the words “BE” and “STILL”expands and you will “live your way” into the answers you are seeking.

That space is “IT”—- pure awareness. The knowing, love and peace you so earnestly search for is already there.

“IT” (that space) is the key TO UNLOCK THE “COSMIC DOOR” TO A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, a simple awareness is all it takes!


“Cosmic Door” available on Amazon, Indigo Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Books-a Million, Kindle & Kobo


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