The Force Will Wake You

I’d been told many times over the years “you should write a book”!  I never seemed to have time to consider such an ambitious undertaking.  Although, I did journal the odd dream or an unusual happening occasionally.


Excerpt from “The Call” by Oriah —“Always it comes, this sacred life force calling us to remember why we are here. We were programmed from the beginning to hear it, to feel the longing to go home to who we are…….to learn how to stop our “doing” and surrender to simply “being” and thus find peace and the meaning embedded in our lives.  It is our very nature …to want to WAKE UP and consciously embody that meaning!”

I felt like Oriah was speaking directly to me and validating my journey.  The “FORCE” Oriah speaks of, for me, was  “a family crisis”.  I had to face the fact that I could not “control”,  “fix” or make better what happened.  It was strange I always believed in God but now I was faced with a choice.  If I truly believed in God I had to accept and consciously trust He had a plan I knew nothing about.  I was left standing on very shaky ground!

I found a new mantra ——Psalm 46:10  “Be still and know that I am God!”  I felt like I was being wrapped in a soft blanket and peace permeated my BEING each time I repeated this mantra.

Oriah puts it so beautifully when we she writes “stop our ‘doing’ and surrender to simply “being” and thus find peace and the meaning embedded in our life!

I digress for a moment, I also used this Psalm for a selfish reason when I was playing golf — I would stand on the tee box and as I took my swing, I would think “Be still and know that I am God.”  It helped calm my nerves and keep my head down!  Not sure if that was a blasphemy or not?  What do you think?

 At the age of ten years old, my Father was killed and this started my lifelong quest to understand “the meaning of life”!  I read every book I could get my hands on searching for answers.  I found beautiful quotes, music and poetry that soothed my soul but always felt no further ahead in finding the answer to this age old question “What am I here for?”

Seven months after our crisis – December 2016 —-I engaged a therapist.  I needed her perspective to remove the mud that was caked on my heart so my inner light could shine again.  She asked me to come back after the Christmas holidays with a list of ten people who shaped my life.  My daughter gave me a gorgeous pale pink journal embossed with gold feathers and a gold pen for Xmas which spurred me to start my writing homework!

Once I started writing the Universe opened!  After six months of writing every day in the lanaiI was able to see that the coincidences, synchronicities, random events and people who accompanied me during my life were like coloured threads that when woven together formed a tapestry.  I named these events, experiences and relationships my Cosmic helpers or Companions and assigned each one a colour.  What was once a jumbled mess of threads was starting to form a clear picture of where I’d been.

Deciding on colours was instinctively natural.  I would love to know if any of them strongly resonate with you?








I will now share an EXCERPT from Cosmic Door of a dream which occurred five months after the crisis.

“I awoke from a dream with this quote freshly imprinted in my brain –
“Some People Are Here For THE PAST —Some People Are Here For THE FUTURE 

This was strange —-I had never dreamed of a quote before. Have you ever dreamed of a quote? I wrote the quote down in my journal and dated it.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I e-mailed my sister and my daughter and asked them if they thought they were here for the past or the future.

My Sister’s reply was:“Such a simple statement that says so, so much.  I believe that I am here to heal the past, past lives, ancestral memory, etc., so that we can move forward without the past clinging to our backs and hearts. Then we can create a future based on a new heart and mindset.  Which person do you think you are?”

I was impressed with my sister’s insight and hearing the words ancestral memory so soon after the Druid dream (an equally strange dream) startled me. Did I really need to unlock the door to the bitter past?  Was it clinging to my back?

My daughter and I talked on the phone every day, and she was asking questions about our family history in relation to infant loss and the effect this might be having on her generation. She was reading a book by Mark Wolynn entitled It Didn’t Start with You.  She, too, was searching for answers. Could my daughter be here for the future?

I was giving some serious thought to the quote. Could we three be here at this time on earth to heal the past from the pain of our ancestors in relation to alcohol abuse and infant loss? This appeared to be a grandiose presumption and I chuckled to myself.  I believe some dreams that standout as unusual, vivid and memorable are messages from the Universe that we should take seriously?  I felt it went beyond words.  The quote had a ring of truth, power and significance.  On further reflection —-The past creates the present and the present is the foundation for the future!  Sounds like a riddle.  Could the quote mean only those on earth can heal the past for our ancestors?


I love how George Bernard Shaw puts it:“Life is no brief candle for me.  It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.


Purple is a royal colour.   It denotes connecting with The Divine, reaching to great heights and speaks of the power of rituals and ceremonies.”




The part of “Cosmic Door” that makes me the happiest is introducing others to the fact that every event, experience and relationship in your life, once explored and identified will reveal where you have been and where you are now.  As you head into the future, you AWAKE TO THE “FORCES”  that shaped you.  Your life is not without purpose and you have never been alone.

You don’t have to stand on your head, read every book (well maybe mine)  or take numerous courses – all you need is a simple AWARENESS of your Cosmic Helpers.

In “COSMIC DOOR”, I list 29 Cosmic Companions, Events and Messages that will validate your intuition and help you  “WAKE UP” to where you have been and where you are headed.

Once you become AWARE and uncover the meaning “embedded in your life” as Oriah points out, you will surrender to simply “being!”  Then you will find the peace within that you have been erroneously searching for outside yourself.


I truly believe we are all a bright sparks of light—we are all one!  If we only remembered that we come from and are part of The Divine, we would be “in awe” of each other – there would be no more meanness, just a compassion for everyone in whatever stage of personal growth they’re currently in.





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