Below are a few recent reviews of Cosmic Door I received by e-mail and messenger from readers who didn’t buy directly from or These reviews warmed my heart and I am thankful.

When  I finished your book, I held it close to my heart for awhile. It was full of wisdom, hope, honesty and emotion! It was a wonderful story of letting go, and the freedom that comes with forgiveness. It was a story of courage, digging deep into those family secrets that often create our wounds. And then, when the search is over, finally knowing at the heart level that there really are no villains, but souls so broken and they struggled too to find their way back home.  It was an ordinary story about extraordinary courage that any child of the wars could read, see themselves in and relate to it in the most profound way. Thank you for sharing your story.   Linda Simmonds, NS Jan.28’19

I just finished reading your amazing book! Words cannot express what I am feeling right now. It will take me time to digest all you are saying and likely at least one more reading. I cannot imagine the journey you have taken to write this book. I am so happy for your positive experience and outcome in doing this. Quite an accomplishment!!!  G.Trager, NS Jan.27’19

Margie this book really helped me to understand some of my strange intuitions, made me realize it is my spirituality and I do not need to be afraid of it.  Oh my goodness what a great book, I started it and couldn’t stop until the end.  J. Hoskins NS Dec.2018

GM author of beautiful book
I read your book in its entirety in one sitting.  You have done a magnificent job.  You have told your story in such truthful language —I find your writing very lyrical. I will confess I still don’t always get all the colours and companions, in that, I mean I don’t necessarily connect with them. I do think this book will resonate with many many readers who are searching. It is a great accomplishment and I can feel with your own words how deep you have gone and came out the other side.  Your story is compelling.  I especially loved the poems—the words were so beautiful and meaningful
. O. Corning NS Dec.2018

I just finished reading your book and I am amazed that you survived so well through your early childhood. What horrible poverty you lived in. Your growth in awareness of small gifts that brighten our days touched me as I recalled some similar occurrences. Just this morning as I was driving to church one tiny snow flake fell on my windshield. It surprised and delighted me and I immediately felt a gift of peace.  In your book you mention Psalm 91 and as I read about the feathers you found I was remInded of one of my favorite hymns, “On Eagles Wings“. This was written based on that psalm. L.VanBloem NJ Dec.2019

Hi: For awhile I’ve been sensing the activity and energy surrounding your creation. I liken it to once a chick, now a fledgling. You have accepted your assignment and lovingly listened to the guidance given. Now the Winds of the Universe will give flight. While the bird may roam, it will also soar as it finds many homes – lives touched by the words – lives you may never know.  M. Lanning FL Jan.’19

Well, it is 10:47 pm and just read your book and all I can say is WOW and thank you.If I was close we could get together and gab all day of course over a bottle of wine. I never realized you were such a poet.   Well, I think it is bedtime for me and tomorrow I think I will be looking at my world so much different than today. oh yes, I think you should send Oprah a book directly. Good night   Deb Cook Hfx. NS😎😎

4 Replies to “BOOK REVIEWS”

  1. Oh Marg – I have no words. You have touched so many people and will continue to do so with this book. Your heart should be bursting. Love is surrounding you. I think when we open ourselves and are vulnerable – love and goodness pours in. As I said before you went deep. Your book helps others to have courage and believe.
    Love you loads.

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  2. Morning Margie, You must be smiling with delight knowing you have touched the heart and soul of your readers. The reviews themselves are beautifully written. I noticed that I am not the only one who feels a second reading is in order. all the very best jo


    1. Hi JoAnne: it surprises and delights me that most of the readers I have been in contact with feel it deserves a second reading. It’s lovely that it’s a book that can be read in one day! Counting my blessings….


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