Is The Past Driving Your Bus?

If you feel fear in the present, take a look at your past, the answers are found in “your life story”.  Then you can let go and live in peace —-in the present.”  MargieGrams

A Course in Miracles ——“in this world, there’s love, and there’s fear”.
We are admonished to “live in the present” but what about all of us who are loaded down with fears from our past that drive our  present lives?  How do we catch ourselves at the beginning of our fearful thoughts?
According to Debra Landwehr Engle in her book “The Only Little Prayer You Need” ———“The cause of fear is in your mind, not in the external world. When you heal the cause, the effect is to change your world.”
What is Debra’s little prayer:
“(Divine One or whatever word you prefer) Heal my fearbased thoughts.” —you can get specific if you want to and add “ about my family’s problem” or whatever is frightening  you.   This prayer surrenders your problems to the Divine One who can perform the healing we are not able to do for ourselves.”
The term “fear-based thoughts” acknowledges that, no matter how big the fear, it is just “a thought”, and a thought can be changed.
When your mind starts jumping from one scary thought to another—  STOP— BREATHE —say  “Divine One heal my fear-based thoughts!”  
Now – picture your “thought” encapsulated in a small wispy cloud rising up towards the heavens.  Do you feel that sense of “freedom”.  It’s now in the hands of the Divine One —the only one who knows “The Plan for you”.
The more you use the prayer, the quicker the tidal wave of fear-based thoughts will subside and leave you afloat in a calm sea.
When I was writing “Cosmic Door”, the main people, events and experiences that made up “my story”  eventually brought blessings and growth into my life.  This did not change the fact that some experiences had been traumatic but it made me realise that “The Plan” the Divine One had for me was based on love.  It took me decades to see it!
We are constantly being cautioned to “close the door on our past “.  For fifty (ok sixty) plus years, I lived every day in the present but it took quite a bit of energy to keep that door locked!  My “personal view now is that for me to heal, it was crucial to get help so I could safely open that scary door.  
Six months into writing “Cosmic Door”,  I was in awe as I discovered I had helpers in the past that had been accompanying throughout my life.  As I put names to these very subtle guides and helpers, I wanted everyone to know that they, too, had (what I named for ease of reference) “Cosmic Companions”!  After voraciously reading every book that promised “if I did this and that” I would find the answers I needed, I finally found through my writing what is meant by “it is within you” !
The only thing within me was “my story”——and that’s the “IT” that’s within you!  If you are stuck, please go back to “your story”— (please get help with that part)—and let my book help you to get to know your very own “Cosmic Companions”!
Now that I have explored my past, I’ve let it go, am forever grateful for my blessings.
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