Celebrating Small Wins

The Chronicle Herald today (Jan.26’19)-Halifax, NS:

“Cosmic Door (Tellwell Talent), a new self-help book by Margaret Jollimore, encourages readers to listen to their intuition. Don’t brush off coincidences, synchronicities or déjà vu moments, she tells readers. They all mean something. Cosmic Door attempts to help readers decipher the subtle messages they may be receiving from the universe.

Jollimore, a retired legal secretary who now divides her time between Halifax and Florida, said she started seeing miracles everywhere after she started living with awareness.

‘Always believe in magic, miracles and love. For these last for all eternity,’ she writes in the book’s dedication.”

Thank you my Cosmic Angels —Marilyn Allison for the great picture and Allison Lawlor for the shout out 


12 Replies to “Celebrating Small Wins”

  1. Morning Marg, this is great, getting the word out. I still haven’t received mine from Chapters. I will call again today. Best of success. jo


    1. Sorry your book is delayed. Let me know if I can help. The amazon orders seem to be fairly timely. Have never ordered on-line from Chapters so no experience with them. Hope it comes soon! Loved your pictures hiking! Loved seeing you enjoying the great outdoors!


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