The Giant and the Baby Bird

This morning I woke up early (again) and I was pondering my recent experiences with “Amazon”!

I am currently immersed in a “marketing maelstrom” —- need I mention—I know nothing, absolutely nothing, about marketing!  In fact, I could barely sell Girl Guide Cookies or Boy Scout apples when my kids were young.   I ended up gaining 5 lbs. every year when they introduced those “chocolate mint” cookies.  How about you?  How did you cope when your kids or grandkids were raising money for a school trip and brought you 500 tickets or worse those gosh darn, enormous chocolate bars?


I might add I got pretty pumped when my book was among the TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers in Spiritual books.  Then I came crashing down when I had a message from Karen, my forever friend in Missisauga who was informed by Amazon she got the last copy!  What the heck was that about?  I panicked and called my Daughter at work.  In her calmest voice here’s what she said:  “Mom, (when she starts in that tone it always reminds me of the day I did my last turkey dinner for 40 people! —see my blog “Turkey Trauma”) her response was —“did you ever think it may be because they sold all the books they stocked and now have to order more”?  Since she was in a meeting with the Executive Director, I was able to quickly got off the phone —DUH!


Okay, onto my next frustrating moment with Amazon—-why are my want-to-be-readers unable to download the “Kindle” e-book?   The words “does not support your device” —were showing up.

Well, saved again by my amazing, tech friend Natalie Robbins (The Computer Tutor) —-She figured out if you are using an Amazon app and switch to a web browser like “safari” — then, Google —, — the problem is solved.  My brilliant Natalie —thank you.  If any of you ever want to take a private course on using Facebook, setting up a webpage, etc. Natalie is your girl—patience personified and non-judgmental to anyone over 60 —you know who you are!

My friends and fierce followers please persevere and don’t hesitate to leave COMMENTS—(sometimes this type of connecting reminds me of talking to “the skinny guy”).  If you have a problem ordering Cosmic Door on the e-book sites, is also available  (apparently the Book Cover is not “up yet”??? ) and KOBO (they have the cover), please let me know.

— in the USA –, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Nook, etc.


Since I am a first-time author, I am feeling like a baby bird (only baby bird I could find was very well-fed) pushed out of my Tellwell Talent nest—on ‘skinny bird legs” hiding under a tree every time something new shows up.   Tellwell was very supportive during the 5 months of the publishing journey and we even had a few laughs.   I wonder if they ever considered having support for the first month after the publication date to help the newbies with tech support in regard to e-books and i-Books!  I am thinking they go on a Caribbean Cruise once their “author” gets the publication date!

When I asked Tellwell if they would send me one copy of my book, I found out that they do not do any printing.  I would have to order one while I wait for my book order of 500 copies to arrive!  So I still don’t have my own copy!  I will do a Book Launch in mid to late May in NS – so if you can wait til then, I will be thrilled to sign your copy with my “feather pen”.  I signed my “first book” last night so I hope to be all practised up by then (thank goodness it was a bestie).  Who knew you had to practise!

Okay, so here is my ask ——if you have read Cosmic Door and have an Amazon account, reviews are crucial (I need 50—thank you to the 3 generous souls who have left 5-star reviews xoxoxox) —otherwise I’ve been told my book ends up in the Amazon out-building in a pretty scary place inhabited by spiders and other creatures.  None of the stock workers at Amazon want to go there so they’ll pretend it’s “out of stock”!


Friends keep asking me how many books have sold on Amazon and I have no idea.  I guess I’ll have to wait until Oprah’s Personal Assistant calls…did you notice I already have my dress—what do you think?

2 Replies to “The Giant and the Baby Bird”

  1. I had no trouble at Chapters, got the confirmation and delivery date. If they deliver it to the store and you pick it up there is no charge for shipping.


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