YESTERDAY, I had three friends mention they had difficulty trying to get a copy of Cosmic Door from Amazon.  I sent off “a cry for help” and got an e-mail this morning to call them.

If you are having a problem with — Cosmic Door is available at in paperback & KOBO  If you have had an issue could you e-mail me at!


I don’t know much about Amazon but I will mention a few things:

  1.  If you have an “old Kindle” —I got a message a few years ago that if I didn’t “upgrade it”, it would become obsolete.  I didn’t upgrade it because I couldn’t find it!  Your Kindle may not be functional.
  2. Do you have an Amazon account — it’s free!
  3. If you do not have an Amazon account, you cannot leave a “REVIEW” —BUMMER!
  4. If that’s the case could you write a review on Facebook – my Author Page @ — Because I am an “unknown, first-time author,” reviews are crucial to market my book and keep it from residing in the bowels of hell.  I would be forever grateful.
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  1. I have no idea what I’m doing!
  2. I am having palpitations at the moment thinking of calling “Amazon”!!!  My “tech helpers” throughout my publishing journey are probably laughing their heads off – right, Natalie, Kevin, Dick, Sue, Donna, Amanda and especially Simon Page, my Project Manager at Tellwell Talent!
  3. Pray for me!
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  1. I too had problems trying to purchase your book from amazon. I requested to speak with the manager to get my problem corrected he was helpful getting me back out of it. I gave up temporarily , will try again later. Not sure if it was my inexperience or their problem.


    1. Hi Elaine: Sorry you had a problem. Two ladies sent me messages this morning and had no problem today —so I think they fixed “their issue” — just make sure you touch the picture which will have the words for whatever type of book you want —“kinle’ or “paperback” – and then it should work to place the order. I am home so call me and I will help you get it done—I know how discouraging it can be. Hugs


  2. I had no trouble at Chapters, there is no charge for delivery if you pick it up in store or they will deliver to your door. I am not always home so pick up was easier for me. They sent the confirmation and delivery date within minutes. Can’t wait to get started on Wednesday.


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