It amazes me that it’s taken me decades to understand that I have a choice at least once a day whether I will open the gates of heaven or the gates of hell!  I would love to know if you’ve ever thought of this concept?


As New Year’s Eve approached I began thinking of the word “resolutions”—frankly I’m not fond of that particular concept as the resolutions I’ve drummed up in the past never really lasted very far into the new year.

Of course I want to be a healthy weight and physically fit, doesn’t everybody?  Having been a Weight Watcher Leader and Coach in Ontario for four years, I now know exactly what I need to do for my body—whether I do it or not is entirely my choice—maintaining health is an understood long-term commitment.

When I started thinking of “my story” and what a huge part “doors” played in my life, it led me to the fact that 2019 is a doorway to a “fresh start”.  The biggest challenge for me is to choose “my reaction” to events, experiences and people that are accompanying me on this earthly journey.

These are the choices—Door #9 or Door #10–

If I open Door #9 —-sometimes it’s an unconscious choice to prove I am right and the other person, by default, is then proved wrong.  I have unthinkingly opened the gates of hell!  I do believe we all want to be right —isn’t that human nature? —it doesn’t feel good to “be wrong”, right?  And so I open “the gates of hell by “reacting”!


What happens if I make a conscious choice to open Door #10—I unknowingly open the gates to heaven!

This is simply a choice to “be silent” and to “let the small stuff go!”

A very simple example of a choice whether to open door #9 or door #10 which I read many years ago; and have never forgotten, is about a warrior who goes to see a guru to seek spirituality.  Very simply, the guru tells this warrior that he is the ugliest man he has ever seen!  In a flash, the warrior draws his sword and the guru then asks him this simple question —

“Would you like to open the doors to heaven or the doors to hell?”

When I started writing Cosmic Door, I realise now there was never any doubt as to what it would be called.  When I began writing in January 2017, I felt deep in my soul “a door to a higher consciousness” opened and provided me with words in lyrical form.  After decades of “seeking”, I now like to call myself a “finder”!

I would like to thank all of you who have downloaded the e-book or purchased a paperback from http://www.Amazon.ca, (Can,),  www.chapters.indigo.ca, Barnes & Noble http://www.Amazon.ca(US) or have pre-ordered a book from me directly.  My book launch in Nova Scotia will be in late May/early June-2019.  My book launch in the US will be in early spring 2019 at which time I will have a plethora of paperbacks available.

Your kind reviews received by e-mail, Facebook and Messenger make me smile and warm my heart when you share how it resonated with you.  If you honestly “couldn’t put it down”,  I have one big favour to ask —could you also put a 5 star review on http://www.Amazon.ca.  Apparently, I need 50 (OMG) reviews to keep it visible on the Amazon site! Even if I sell lots of copies, without reviews; and, of course I am an unknown, first-time author—-it will fade into the background.

I also have a small favour to ask —would you share my book link on your timeline.  Just go to my FB Pages – http://www.MargieGrams.com. Wwwthebridgeguru.com or Marg Jollimore’s Timeline to share.  A huge thank you to all of you who have already shared!   Word of mouth is a huge help.


Wishing you many blessings in 2019e6256051-7bff-4e3c-aff1-cf20b8a78779


  1. Hi Marg,

    I fortunately opened this email tonight just after 3:30 am when I entered the gates of hell! I thrashed around the hell of resentment, anger, and worry.

    Instead of getting on my phone and distracting my mind with Games or Trump, I read and re-read your post.

    I didn’t know you were a WW coach! Last Thursday, it popped into my mind that perhaps there was a New Years special. There was! So I re-upped for 6 months at such a low cost! I’m finding it so helpful to be mindful of eating and getting my exercise in on a daily basis!

    Anyway, thanks to the Universe I’m gifted immeasurably by your words that you’ve shared with so many.

    Ps: I will leave you a fabulous review this spring when your book debuts in the States.

    Much ❤️


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