Every Step Will Show

I smile every time the ad for the Nova Scotia Nurses Union comes on CTV because it is my story!  I have told this story many times to my dearest friends, many of them are retired Nurses —some of them have recently celebrated their 50th year reunions.  As I described my experience in vivid detail, it left a lasting impression on others and much to my surprise it’s now airing as part of the ad for the Nova Scotia Nurses Union.

I am proud of CTV Atlantic for their role in the two major fundraisers for the IWK.  If this short video clip can move others to a greater understanding of the huge impact Nurses have, not only for providing physical nursing care; but more importantly “compassionate care.”



In January 2017, I started writing “my story” and I became aware how my experience at the Children’s Hospital In 1959 was pivotal to “shaping my life!”  I was admitted for an appendectomy shortly after Christmas.  My clearest memory is my nurse coming into my room when the hospital was quiet.  The lights outside my window came on revealing large flakes of sparkling snow drifting lazily into the inner courtyard.  She laid across the bottom of my bed and for a few precious moments we watched in silence as it clung to the red bricks and tenaciously held tight.
That quick, simple video clip you see on CTV Atlantic was a life-shaping experience and had an enormous impact on me because my nurse gave me the greatest gift of all “her presence.” This sounds very dramatic but if you had any idea of what had transpired that year for a nine year old child, you would agree that this simple act of kindness by one nurse made a significant difference in my life.
When I was discharged from the hospital, my earth angel wrote in my autograph book my Mother brought in—
Your life lies before you
Like a sheet of driven snow
Be careful how you step in it
For every step will show
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4 Replies to “Every Step Will Show”

  1. Great post, Maggie. I think of you every time I see the ad.

    Did you know that was a famous quote? Anonymous , but famous! I had never heard it before you told us about your experience…

    xox SQ

    Sent from Sue’s iPad



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