It’s official—my “Project Manager, Simon Page, let me know the manuscript revisions were done and the next step was—print-ready files! Surprisingly, I felt numb — I didn’t do the happy dance. What was going on with me? Fear reared it’s ugly head—what if there were mistakes I didn’t catch? What if my inner knowing, that the universe opened and inspired me to write,  was a fantasy? Then it hit me —if I wanted to walk the talk, I would ask for a sign.

So, I wrote in my journal:


Dear Lord:

It’s me, again, Margaret.

Would you send me a sign to validate that Cosmic Door will inspire others and give them an awareness that we all have Cosmic Companions/Helpers who accompany us on this journey we call life and they are just waiting in the wings to be called upon. A simple awareness is all it takes….

Since you have been sending me feathers since 2016, a feather will do fine — let’s keep it simple!


There is a lot more about “my experiences and feathers” in Cosmic Door  but suffice to say my sister, Donna, bought me a “feather” necklace in 2017 which I wear constantly.


My late Father was on my mind today—it was the 59th anniversary of his death.  I had an appointment and planned on doing some Christmas shopping but I sure didn’t have the Christmas spirit.

Suzy, a new neighbour, urged me to go to the Antique Mall as she and her husband rented a booth to sell their wood-crafted items. I’ve been coming to Florida since 2007 but had no desire to shop there as I prefer a more modern décor style. However, today my appointment at noon was nearby so I decided to go early and check out Suzy’s booth.  Maybe it would improve my mood.

christmas christmas ball decoration frost
Photo by Pixabay on

When I opened the door to the Antique Mall, I was surprised at the size of the area —it was like IKEA but all on one level. Since I only had 45 minutes, I decided to walk along the left side, then across the back and down the right side—there would not be enough time to investigate the numerous aisles. Most of the booths had Christmas decorations up and the shiny coins,  sparkling glassware and colourful jewellery looked quite appealing but nothing seemed to grab my attention. By the time I got to Suzy’s booth I was running short on time so, after a quick peek, I beelined it down the right side and across the front toward the exit. Parallel to the cash register there was a stand with a small shelf covered in vintage jewellery. A gaudy necklace laden with big round pearls and encrusted gems caught my eye. As I picked it up, with no intention whatsoever of buying it, I noticed a thin silver chain caught up with the pearls. I started untangling the chain, this was revealed…


For the rest of the day, I couldn’t get the smile off my face.  When I was in the car driving home, I was humming “How Great Thou Art” and I haven’t heard that song in ages!  Woo Woo stuff!  As soon as I walked in the door, I downloaded that song by Carrie Underwood and it did not disappoint.  If you want a way to express gratitude and delight, sing “How Great Thou Art” and dance (who knew you could dance to it) along with Carrie and me.  After all, we are “all one!”

I will post an update once Cosmic Door goes on e-books, Amazon, Createspace, Kindle, Kobo, etc. ( should be in the next couple of weeks!!!)

If you want to pre-order a paperback copy, please e-mail me at

4 Replies to “ASK & YOU WILL RECEIVE”

  1. Marg,
    So uplifted today to be reminded that there are those waiting in the wings. Sometimes I forget briefly that they are there to help me and guide me through this “life”. I’m excited to read Cosmic door. And I must walk around the corner to see you and talk.


    1. Hi Lynda: Honestly, when I held it in my hands I was that excited, I could hardly think straight. I went immediately to the counter to pay for it and was astounded when she asked for $12 plus tax! Every time I look at it – it makes me smile!


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