Life is so interesting —-in every situation there is the good and the bad.  Winter is a good example of the ying and the yang.


When faced with “life’s realities” we always have three choices —focus on the positive, focus on the negative or a neutral “knowing acceptance”.  Some of our biggest struggles are an inability to identify “reality”, in the moment, before reacting.

Weather is “reality” —- there is nothing we can do to change it.  This could be a practise time to stop and become aware that we can make a conscious choice of how we will react —positively, negatively or just “let it be!”

Some of my fondest memories as a working Mother were “snow days.”  Home for a “stolen day” with the children.


As the thick snow and howling winds subsided the freezing rain became icing on the cake.  The snow took on a sparkly, shiny cover —time to bundle up for an hour of fresh air and slipping and sliding with the kids in the back yard.  It was fairly easy to feel positive as I wasn’t driving in it!


Helen Keller’s quote is extra-special to me for three reasons:

  1. This quote was given to me by a loving, talented friend, Natalie, to share with you.
  2.  Helen spoke from a strong feeling that emanated from her heart, which I would imagine was strengthened due to her lack of eyesight.  She wasn’t able to “see the beauty around her”  but found the beauty of self-love and this enabled her to become highly attuned to the love that emanated from others.
  3. Another dear friend, Olive, told me of this wonderfully descriptive line of prose from the last line of No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod:  We all do better with love.  I believe this love we do better with, must first come from within ourselves!  Then we become attuned to the love that comes from others.  Thank you to three special women Helen, Natalie and Olive for sharing their love.29681F53-B7C1-4D23-AA52-4F28893DA66E


  1. Nice Marg…a great use of the quote & quote poster.
    I personally don’t mind winter at all , I find it quite beautiful, even if summer / fall is my fav.
    Thanks for sharing  


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