What opens the door to the universe?


Last evening myself and two like-minded friends went to hear a well-respected Medium talk about “our guides” who accompany us as we journey through this life.  I had no idea what to expect and was fascinated as Suzanne’s spirit guide came through and spoke about all of the topics I personally experienced in one way or another and wrote about in my book “Cosmic Door”,

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Have you wondered why listening to a great song has such an effect on your mood?

Songs evoke feelings of joy, delight, love, sorrow and passion.  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t stop crying?  Have you ever felt a need to move and danced around the kitchen – leaping, twirling and gliding?  Well, last night, it was confirmed for me that my response to music was visceral.  The vibrations from the music raised or lowered my personal vibration and spoke to my heart.  The place where our deepest feelings are stored.  The mind was silenced!  The soul soared!

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Today, I would like to share an excerpt from my book and introduce you to one of the Cosmic Companions. “Cosmic Companions” are our helpers or guides.  They can be in the form of events, experiences and people who lead us to the answers we are seeking as we go forward to the door to universal consciousness—-the door to “the light” which I named the “Cosmic Door.”


The coloured thread for music is a silver thread which denotes imagination.

Music is smooth, pure and conveys feelings. It spoke for my soul when I didn’t have the courage to put my feelings into words and speak them out loud. It allowed me to stay safe while I dipped my toe in the water of my truth.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing
the inexpressible is music.
—Aldous Huxley

My daughter happens to be a Music Therapist and we often reminisce about the fun we had listening to Christmas Carols as we did our xmas baking when she was a child.  My absolute favourite was Stevie Nick’s version of “Silent Night.”   Those words and the deep passionate voice of Stevie brought me to that place where love and awe warmed my heart.  Amanda’s favourite was “Santa Baby” so when that one started to play we were filled with joy and sang our brains out.  At four year’s old, she had a plastic toy microphone and when we had family over, she would sing and perform “Santa Baby” to rave reviews!  Those are cherished memories that are stored in my newly renovated “soul room.”   (More about this special room in my book)

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As I write this I am happy to say that my 2nd round of revisions went back to the publisher on November 9th with a small number of changes.  Once these changes are made, I review the manuscript one more time and if all is good, I approve, sign off and it goes to print.   Hallelujah Lord!  It should find it’s way on e-books in December and the actual print copies will be available in the new year.

I will be doing book launches in 2019 in the following locations:

Wildwood, Florida

Halifax, New Glasgow, Sydney, NS

Oakville/Toronto ON area

Victoria, BC

NEWFOUNDLAND —Available at Gifts of Joy, Pasadena NL

e-mail me at mfjollimore@gmail.com if you want to reserve a signed & dated copy.  If you are wondering why it’s dated, it’s because those books that become valuable in later years, are even more valuable if purchased in the first month of distribution!  Who knew?




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