Morning Stroll While I Fume

Why is it when I’m completely disappointed with someone (this time a business associate), all I want to do is tell them off;  whine to everyone who will listen;  devise an evil punishment; and call them unmentionable names?  Do you think it’s because, in the moment it gives one a sense of control!  The sense that at least there’s something we can do!  I also wondered if these feelings are always lurking in and grumpily roaming about in our “dark side” , just waiting for a chance to pounce.

My dearly departed Mother ‘s take on life was:  “There’s always something to torture a soul.”  Her and Dorothy Parker would have been great friends as Dorothy’s quote “What fresh hell is this?”  is a favourite of mine.


It took a giant step to go out for a walk and instead of turning blue in the face, I inhaled the beauty all around me.  I am going to call this giant step “a walking meditation” as I was so focused on nature, I momentarily forgot how ticked off I was; but “hey,” whatever happened to “a promise is a promise!’  Sorry but the “dark side” couldn’t help itself !  What’s the name of the song Rag ‘n’ Bone Man sings ?  Oh right—Human!

Here is a picture I’d like to share with you because this tree was bending under the weight of the fruit but was managing to stay upright until the lemons finished ripening.  That’s exactly what I was attempting to do as I waited, and waited, and waited…..Did I happen to mention I was waiting?


Once home again, calmer but with abounding energy, I scrubbed the shower in a frenzy, cleaned the fixtures and then made myself a cup of peppermint & green tea to take to the lanai as I waited…..oops not supposed to repeat words….

I will reach out one more time and then if no resolution, as they say in Newfoundland “the arse will come out of ‘er” (in Nova Scotia lingo that means “the sh— will hit the fan”).


9 Replies to “Morning Stroll While I Fume”

  1. Have read all your blog posts since Merlin on October 8. I, too, believe in miracles and serendipity. You have a way in the world that resonates with the good in others. As my bridge teacher you taught your students much more than just the basics of a card game. These qualities – humour, intuition, observation, kindness, intelligence, wisdom – and many others will make Cosmic Door one worth opening! So hang in there! All good things!


    1. Thank you Maureen – such lovely comments – most appreciated for sure. Of course, you were one of my bright stars in the class! I absolutely loved all my bridge babies and still have the pleasure of teaching which has been such a gift getting to know so many wonderful people. I feel blessed! Also I have had the great pleasure of connecting with Moira Leigh. Once back in Hfx. In the spring the three of us should go to lunch! Hope all is good with you! Will send updates on Cosmic Door.


  2. Wow what a writing talent you have! Who would have known among all your other talents!! The other Margie xo

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