All Hallow’s Eve

October 31st – The Day marks the end —and November 1st—marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year.  I loved the idea of a new year beginning.

Last October 30th, I did my very first blog with a lot of help from my very patient Sister, Donna.  A new new world opened up for me as I realized I enjoyed writing stories.

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Today as I took my morning walk,  I looked for hints of what to focus on going forward into this New Celtic Year.  As I strolled down the quiet street, I spotted a foursome of women flying their golf balls onto the dewy # 6 green.  There wasn’t a sound other than the clang of putters being hauled from their golf bags.  Suddenly I had a yearning to be out there with them in the fresh air sizing up my putt.

I hadn’t been able to golf in the last year due to back surgery but now was giving serious thought to getting back to it.  I missed the exercise,  comraderie and friendships of the sport (a glass of Pinot with ice at the end of the game as we chatted about our round was a real treat).

A plan started forming —I would continue my walking and add an extra ten minutes each week until I was comfortable walking an hour.  After Xmas, I would start pitching and putting!

activity bunker club course
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As I continued my walk, I saw a sign that made me chuckle:


Twice in the last week, I got a subtle message to “slow down” —-one came in my birthday horoscope and the other came in my morning reading.  This sign was a bit more direct.  All my life I rushed around trying to get everything done on my list.  Now that I was retired I just continued rushing everywhere.  I never stopped long enough to ask myself why.  This would be another thing I could work on but how?

My walk was halfway finished when I came to a spot that totally “slowed me down”.  


The answer to “how” was just stop and be mindful of each thing as it unfolded!

As I gazed at the beauty before me, a mantra for the New Year popped into my brain:    “Slow down and need less”

Then I stopped and glanced up at the sky…..

selective photography of flying black falcon
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10 Replies to “All Hallow’s Eve”

  1. I love this Marg….so true in our fast paced everyday worlds. Thanks for sharing , I needed to hear these words. Taking your message to heart. ♥️


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