The Road to Hell….

This week started out with great intentions to have protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a carb-free supper as “the skinny guy” (my husband) was away for a few days.

So far— I had breakfast at the Redwood Grill and supper at Tom’s on Monday.  Yesterday  I had lunch at the Esquire and supper at Il Mercato and today I’m having lunch at the Redwood Grill —now that isn’t even the worst of it!


Before the skinny guy left he came home with a bag of Miss Vickie’s chips and proudly showed me the “salt free” label.  I haven’t eaten potatoe chips in two years as I had to eliminate salt from my diet!  Well people, you guessed it, there is only one-third of the bag left and since Pinot Grigio doesn’t taste right with chips, I was forced to have the chips with “lite” beer!


Ok then, maybe a quarter left!

Now, I am making a conscious decision to blame Tellwell Talent……as nice as they are, their timeline and mine did not go according to my plan this week!  I expected to have my 2nd round of revisions to work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!  Today, I would be so happy as I pictured it floating from “my Cloud” to Victoria as well as much lighter!

On the bright side, I got to have my meals in wonderful company and I now know, without a doubt, I don’t handle it well when things don’t go my way.  I am thankful that the cover is finished and all ready to go if I ever get the manuscript back…


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