The Celtic Tree Calendar is a 13 month lunar calendar where each month is allocated a tree with special teachings.


The elder, a shrub of the honeysuckle family,  represents the 13th lunation —October 3 – 30th.
Each tree is represented by an astrological sign:

The astrology:  Libra —September 22 – October 23

“I balance” —symbol—scales of justice —balance between night and day
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Keywords:  harmony, negotiation, love, companionship, partnership and justice.

The elder theme is “transformation, focus on healing and self-change —the soul’s journey.”

birch forest
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The birch tree represents the 1st lunation – November 1-28th.

The astrology:  Scorpio —October 22–November 21

“I create” —symbols —scorpion, eagle and/or phoenix
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Keywords:  resourceful, secretive, passionate, intense, psychology, investigation, death, resurrection

The birch theme is “a doorway into our strong, innate inner knowing.”

Remember paradise is protecting this planet in all its beauty and perfection in doing so you protect our species and all life.”
Taken from my favourite book by:
Sharlyn HiDalgo
The Healing Power of Trees


  1. Hi Marg, I was interested to read this as my sign is Libra and sometimes I am not sure I fit in that category as it refers to balanced as one of the key features – lol! Interesting reading and I hope to see you soon.

    Great picture by the way!


    1. Hi Rose: I went back to the chapter and there is a lot more. Some of this may resonate: remember “balance” also means “trying to find” the balance. The month marks the harvest and gathering the seeds to be saved and planted next spring. Take stock and compost leftovers. Time to be grateful to the ancestors for their blessings and gifts and release any of their weaknesses, traumas and unhealthy beliefs stored in our DNA and memories. Elder’s theme is “the end in the beginning” and the “beginning in the end”. A great time for personal withdrawal, retrospection and release. Elder is related to transformation, often thru death or love. Elder is a threshold month and a corridor. Your totems are Cranes, storks and the ibis! Nice totems, girl!!!


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