Miracles, Magic & Merlin

I’d like to share with you the above picture that I took on my iPad and sent off to my daughter so she could see the new piece of artwork we purchased.  Within a few minutes she phoned to ask—

“Who is that gazing out from the trees that line up perfectly with the birch trees in your picture?”

I immediately started to laugh when I realized my husband was watching “Merlin” on TV.  Then I was speechless when I connected all of the subliminal messages I had been receiving over the previous months.

The “Cosmic Door” had opened wide!


Did you know that you are entitled to as many miracles in a day as breaths you take?   This was my morning message from “The Universe”.  All you have to do, to cash one in, is expect it!

This message resonated with me in a big way!

Sunday, when our family sat down to a delicious turkey dinner I couldn’t help but think of how exciting and miraculous the news had been when one of our family won a “dream house!”  My mother-in-law was adamant she would win a million dollars and she totally expected it.  It happened —but not exactly as she thought it would.  There’s more magic to that story in the “Cosmic Door”….


Just so you know you don’t need any special powers to make magic happen in your life.  Ask for a miracle and then picture how you will feel when it comes true.  Don’t worry your head about how it will happen.  We all have helpers in our lives — I call them “Cosmic Companions,”  You can find out more about these helpers when Tellwell releases my book from the grips of the publishing process.  I am expecting that magic to happen by early December.

candlelight candles
Photo by Irina Anastasiu on Pexels.com

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