Family Vacation

MargieGrams Don’t Do Rustic WELL!

As much as I love my family, and I love them better than anything in the world, I don’t “do rustic well”.

Just back from five sunny, action-packed days of sand, waves and the best lobster-rolls in Canada (Richard’s in PEI). We had two marshmallow roasts that the kiddies delighted in, especially the two year old who stuck to everyone he touched. Four enthusiastic six to eight year olds dug clams with their fingers and brought one clam up to the cottage to observe overnight. As the one year old tried tottering barefoot in the grass and sand —she always had someone waiting to pick her up for a cuddle. Added bonus, the lasagna I made and froze with uncooked no boil noodles turned out to be a big hit. I didn’t mention previous attempts at not cooking at once after the prep all failed miserably! So colour me very blessed and grateful for a fun-filled week with family.

So now to the rustic part.  I will tell you exactly what that means.   To clarify I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth – exactly the other way around.  However I am blaming my dislike of “rustic” on some ancestral gene. As a naïve twenty-year old I packed my hair dryer, which had a shower cap hood and a vacuum like hose attached to a large round case, to take with me on my first camping-canoe trip!  I might add I had the flatest hair in the world and didn’t know that we would be miles from an electrical outlet. I think I started the “triangle scarf over the head” fad! The fact that the hair dryer needed its own canoe created a bit of a fuss!

Here’s what “rustic” means to me:

– Sleeping on a 2 inch mattress laid over a piece of plywood
– A pillow flat as a pancake
– Blazing hot all day – freezing cold all night
– Bugs— more bites than I could scratch
– Fighting dive-bombing flies for my supper
– A new shower experience – could never let go of the soap – no place to put it
– No hooks anywhere (I kid you not) and no closet

My last thought before falling asleep was: Why can’t the cabin owners polyfil the gaps and holes in the walls?????

7 Replies to “Family Vacation”

  1. I remember when my grandkids were that small. It was easy to find fun things to do with them. I just gave away their little table and chair set. The setting for many creative activities. Now they are all bigger than me and the youngest(16) is coming for a week and I will have to plan activities for her. But it will be more costly and less fun. So enjoy while you can. Time flies!


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