Octavo – the “Big Dog” at Tellwell


With trembling hands I pressed SUBMIT and my manuscript went off alone into the Cosmos. I printed out a copy of Cosmic Door , before I submitted, just to be sure it was “pristine”.  I must say,  it was a sight to behold — I was proud and joyous to have it on its way thru cyberspace to the publisher.  I decided to postpone having a celebratory glass of Pinot Grigio until the skinny guy got home from golf. As I waited, I leisurely played bridge with a clueless robot and then I heard a ding!  Heart racing, I quickly ditched the robot and checked my in-box.

OH NO people this is not good—an e-mail from Octavo, who so far appears to be a ruthless big dog.  (My horoscope said I’d be running with the big dogs now).  My manuscript was, heaven forbid, “dirty”! How appalling! I Clorox everything! Apparently, the free Word program on my iPad, sneakily, let me make all the changes I wanted, actually there were months of them.  There was no option to clear the revisions!  Now that’s plain nasty!  Just then in came the skinny guy with a bouquet of flowers! “START THE WINE”, I SHOUTED!

The next day, I called my Cosmic Tech Companion, Natalie, who was probably as tired of seeing me as I was of the book. With a few magical moves Natalie got ‘er done (re-submitted) on Saturday, July 28th.

As I waited for the edit—all was quiet (no dings from that dog, Octavo)— I decided to focus on my diet, teeth whitening and what colour dress I will wear on Super Soul Sunday.  I always dreamed of teaching Oprah and her friends how to play bridge. I can envision them sitting around the bridge table with their glasses of wine and laughing when I explain how the dummy works!

Within a few days, I received a sample edit of one of the chapters. Nothing serious but some good formatting suggestions, punctuation and the odd word like fascinating and compelling subject matter!  They were probably just being polite!  Nevertheless —the gift of a few kind words had me dancing around the living room! Now exhausted back to business, another opportunity to go over the manuscript again and incorporate the editing suggestions. Discovered a new way to send an e-mail that is too large to go through the normal channels…Wetransfer —it’s absolutely free and works beautifully.

Octavo sent me the Layout Questionnaire and after a chat with Simon, my staunch Project Manager and supporter — it was a snap to fill out—off it went into the universe.

Next order of business, the Design Questionnaire — cosmic images, colours and mysterious hooks – this was exciting and fun (so far anyway)—sent that off lickety split!

When the designer gets back to me, I have the acrobat all downloaded and ready to go…..I am sure Octavo won’t be too pleased with the antics of the acrobat when I get my hands on her!

7 Replies to “Octavo – the “Big Dog” at Tellwell”

  1. You are learning a new language. It’s supposed to be good for the brain. I can’t wait to hear how this project turns out for you. But you are already awesome!!


  2. So fun to read, Marg. Your world is expanding as you charm and delight these editors, I am sure. Awesome – just awesome


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