On The Path To Becoming a Writer

Yesterday, I went from a writer to an author-in-waiting.  My main contact, I will call him Mitch, was charming and had a great sense of humour.  (Real handsome too – I saw the Team pictures).  After the second conversation, when I picked up his call, his first words were “Give me your questions.”   I spent hours reviewing the process with him and trying to make sure I understood the difference between direct distribution and managed distribution; POD “print-on-demand” and bulk printing orders.  Then I was horrified to discover once my book is printed, “I have to buy it!”  Who knew?  I had no words!

Once off the phone last evening with Mitch—negotiating done;  my husband, I call him “the skinny guy,”   opened a celebratory bottle of wine—“McManus” red for him and  “Lindemans” Pinot Grigio, with ice for me.  After two glasses, I fell asleep on the sofa and at the stroke of midnight, he woke me and off to bed.  Still awake at 2 am, I resignedly (is that a word?)  snuck out of bed and started reading Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published  -Eckstut and Sterry (Workman Publishing, NY 2015) —— which is amazing and humorous.  The subtitle “Getting Titular: Titles and Subtitles” was quite stimulating at 3 am.  When I got to Agent Relations:  Snafus and Scary Silences” — I stumbled back to my bed, in the pitch black and listened to vigorous snoring.  I finally dozed off after 17 Our Father’s .

Coffee, coffee – give me coffee and no one (the skinny guy, in particular) will not get hurt!

I opened to my daily message from Tut, I call him Mike (Dooley is his last name) as I actually met him at the Writer’s Conference last year in Orlando. I will dig out the picture next blog. I’d do it now but this blog could all disappear so don’t want to take any chances.  It kind of startled me as I read his message as it appeared he knew everything going on in my life right now:

Know how to tell, Margaret, whether or not your dreams are coming true?
Well, if the sun came up today, things are looking pretty good.
If the sky is still blue, high above the clouds, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing.
And if, somewhere, there are eagles soaring, tulips blooming, and falls cascading… could it be, Margaret, most of them already have? 
Running with the big dogs now – 
   The Universe
Well, there I go —- off to do the dishes I left in the sink last night and Clorox out the compost bin as the blueberries, that missed the bag -(this is where skinny guy could be in trouble if I only could remember when he gets back from golfing)  were growing a lovely layer of mould.  I stuck a piece of paper towel between my teeth so the mould spores wouldn’t fly up my nose and finish my journey as soon as the yellow door opened!
I get my very own Project Manager today.  We have a conversation booked by Octavo, whoever he is. ………could be one of the big dogs Mike mentioned.
Now I better get at my list of questions for my Project Manager…..
BTW I logged in with their password as instructed, then replaced it with mine and, you’ll never guess, but it hasn’t worked yet.  Hope you are ready for me Octavo!

13 Replies to “On The Path To Becoming a Writer”

  1. Pinot with ice, a woman after my own heart. Congratulations on getting this far with your writing…..I will wait patiently for more news….we’ll done.


  2. And people poke fun at me for adding ice to my pinot! I feel validated now that Marg’s doing it, frig everyone else ❤


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