Turning Bitter Into Sweet


When I finished reading The Bread Maker, in less than a week, it got me thinking of how differently people handle adversity and change in there lives. Mabel, the main character in the book, handles challenges that would destroy most people with dignity and grace. By pursuing what she loves and not allowing the trauma she experiences to destroy her love of self, she bravely carries on.



A recent back issue and surgery has led me down a totally different road than the one I was on a year ago. My life has changed. I realize that golf which brought me friendly competitive challenge, exercise and the camaraderie of friends and family was not happening this year. The time had come to look in new places.

What always amazes me is when your heart and mind open to new possibilities, the Universe sees that gap and sends events and experiences to help with a change in direction. The key is “awareness”! If you are looking back and pining over what you’ve lost, you cannot always see what is happening in the present.

I remember a joke about a couple trapped on the roof of their house due to a flood. The fire department came with the ladder and bucket but they refused to go, as it looked too scary and they trusted God would save them. Then a helicopter dropped a ladder and again it looked too scary and they were waiting for God’s intervention. When a boat came by they decided to wait as surely God would save them. Then they heard a booming voice from up above – God spoke clearly – “I sent the fire department, a helicopter and a boat – what more could I do?” The Universe can’t make you take what is offered, it is your choice. If you choose to refuse what is being offered, you may end up stranded with no more offers coming your way.

So instead of waiting for a miraculous healing, I decided to listen carefully when the Universe decided it was time to connect me with my cousin, the author of The Bread Maker. We lived in different cities all our lives and had never met. Ironically, I have been working on my Memoir for the last year. Reading Moira Leigh’s book and hearing about her writing and publishing journey has inspired me to continue writing.

After seeing the movie “The Book Club” with eleven of my bridge friends this week, they are all getting a copy of “The Bread Maker” and Moira Leigh McInnes will come to our newly formed “book club” as our first guest author.  Her second book “Or So It Seemed” is a great read —look for “Plenty to Hide” out soon….

Thank you Universe for opening such a delightful door for me!

15 Replies to “Turning Bitter Into Sweet”

  1. I spent most of my retirement playing golf….it was my personal social life and couples trips and outings. When I found out that I couldn’t play, I reached out and now do other things..we live on a golf course. I had made up my mind I would be happy for the ones that still play…someday they will have to find other things…thank you for your blog. Catherine


  2. We saw Book Club last evening…I have belonged to a book club for about 10 years….ladies who are old friends and new friends. We call it Tuesdays at Two..we meet once a month on Tuesday at two. A special afternoon…very funny movie…Catherine


  3. What a great “positive” story and I only wish we could all even half as optimistism and willingness to accept change as you are! Way to go Marg! You are an inspiration.


  4. Dear Marg, Your positive attitude and upbeat personality is what draws so many of us to want to have you as a friend.I feel blessed to be one.


  5. You have piqued my interest. I shall have to find a copy of “The Bread Maker” and read it. Not having been able to read for nearly two years, and then finding a solution to my problem, has made me more appreciative of a skill I had enjoyed since age 6.


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