Gratitude Stone

Totems, eg feathers, trees, birds and stones are available to everyone and they can pack a big punch in your life.

In a recent dream, people were waiting in line behind me to enter a locked hospital. They all knelt down to pray; and in single turns, they placed rocks on the wall surrounding the hospital. When the “door” finally opened, I was the first in line to make my way to the Nurses Desk …then I woke up. Since I have been on “a healing journey” for two years, this dream tweaked my interest in using stones for healing.

Have you ever stopped, while out walking, to pick up a stone?

I have a dear friend I’ll call “Buffalo Bob.” We met in 1974 and have since become lifelong friends. Bob loves all of nature, and has a special affinity for stones. He made a stone wall around his patio with stones he found and lovingly chiseled into the shape that would fit perfectly into the wall. He says there are stones he calls “just look at me” stones. He remarks that the attraction to pick one up doesn’t apply to all stones. When he picks up a “look at me stone” he is inquisitive at first. Then questions himself whether he should keep it? Share it? If so, with whom? Is it a lucky stone? Buffalo Bob says most people are awe struck by mountains, bedrock and stone ledges.

I think stones are gifts from the Universe. In the book I am writing, I call them one of our “cosmic helpers” and have assigned them the colour purple. Purple holds the ancient meaning of sacred wisdom. My theory is stones give off primeval vibes promising permanency, safety, healing and protection. For centuries stones have been used in healing. In a journey to heal, leave no stone unturned.

Along with healing comes “gratitude” – I carry a stone in my housecoat pocket and every time I reach in among the fluff, I touch the smooth stone and give thanks for someone or something I am grateful for.

I hope you enjoyed this short excerpt from the book I am writing. Today I am grateful for keeping my commitment to myself. I sent my book proposal off to Hay House, with a lot of help from my cosmic companions.

“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
Psalm 61:2

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