Boomers With Grit!

I coined a new term today upon the realisation that I went from being a “boomer” to a “zoomer” to a “trooper”!   Now these terms refer to age, but most importantly designate a stage of life.  The definition of a boomer is those folks born post war – 1946-1964.  The definition of a zoomer is “boomers with zip”.  My definition of “trooper’ is “boomers with grit”!  I am officially “a trooper” and with this awareness, comes the stark fact “I am no longer sure of anything.”  Surely someone’s in charge, right?  In the meantime,  I need to rely on my fellow troopers aka “friends” (family is understood, of course).

My gratefulness to having friends to share secrets and fun times with has morphed into needing my friends for support, encouragement and humour over a glass of vino or a cup of green tea.   Illness and loss are lurking around every corner – I S@#T you not!  If this sounds negative, it is.  I can’t deny that.  You may not be ready to accept what I’ve just said and I am happy for you.  I am without a map on a difficult march with a 70 pound rucksack on my back.  I do not want it or like it, but “it is what it is” another part of life.  I need my friends, especially now, to rally round so I know I am not in this alone.  Fellow troopers – we are each other’s greatest treasure.

I spent the last two years, which seemed to be forever, trying to recapture my zip.  While dealing with my own issues, I sorrowed over the problems of those near and dear.  During that time, I began to write.  The process was therapeutic and I discovered a few things:
– my life was not a bunch of random events, it was all connected
– I have no control
– I had a choice to make, to believe in a “Higher Power” or not.  I always took it for granted that I believed in a “Higher Power”;  but when crunch time came, I had to actually choose – who knew?

My life experiences, unearthed through writing, led me to find the answer to the question I began asking at ten years old “What am I here for?”  My book, which is still in process, revealed that answer.  No event or circumstance in my life has been meaningless and everything is connected.

At the moment, I am working on a book proposal, which is not fun or easy.  It is work!
I have three possible choices to submit for a title:
1. Cosmic Door
2. Death Shaped Me
3. Introducing the “Cosmic Messengers”
Which book title would you pick up – Number 1, 2 or 3?  Or none (0)?  Would love your comments or just pick a number.

As I pick up my backpack and resume my trek, it’s a little lighter for sharing.

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