Awake in the Moment

“When you gotta delete your post because you’re just not the same person you were 6 minutes ago.”

A FB post by Dennis Downey, a gentleman I do not know, intrigued me.

On deep reflection, I look back on my journey that started last September when I went from being very active and confident in my ability to do whatever I wanted, to being sidelined by a back issue that severely limited my physical activity and the social time that went with it.  I distinctly recall “the moment” it occurred but it took awhile before, it all sunk in.  To be awake “in the moment” and acknowledge that that one moment would change me,  would have been totally amazing.

two person riding boat on body of water
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To realise that you were having a life changing moment in that “one moment” would require a brilliant sense of awareness.  I wonder if it would have helped me to feel “less adrift”.

I know, personally, that a phone call can change you in less than six minutes!

An accident could definitely change you in a nano-second.  The list could go on and on.

Now, I look back and see that I am not the same person I was a minute before my back issue.

So much to learn:
to allow others to do things for me I could no longer do;
to learn patience that things would not be done according to my timeline;
to learn to manage pain;
to learn to accept my limitations;
to love my “new” self;
to learn to focus on my own needs;
to acknowledge that I could not look after anyone else.

Whew, it was a real awakening!

In return for the loss of physical activity,  I could sit comfortably.  This opened a space:

I could sit
I could write
I could create

Awake in this moment.

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