The white van gently rolled into our driveway and, lo and behold, my first ever “ bug man” emerged to carry out an inspection of our house.

As I peeked out the curtain, I could watch as he suited up. He pulled on an orange jumpsuit over his heavy boots, zipped up and donned what looked to me like a space helmet and put on gloves that velcroed​ tight to his arms. Then out came something that looked like a gun, but had a sprayer on the barrel. Before I could blink, he easily slid under the house.

I suffer from entomophobia, a fear of bugs! I just found my new hero!

When he emerged and took off his gear, we had a great chat about bugs, in particular termites. He said the open space under our house was clean as a whistle and it was dry and sandy. Termites like to have access to water so our house would be the least desirable. “Whew”
There are more than 50 species of termites that have been found living in the United States. Collectively, they are responsible for an average of $1 billion per year in property damages, infesting 350,000 structures. I saw the damage first hand! There was a house in our area that had been declared “uninhabitable” due to termites. It is truly incredible the damage, they can do.

Now Tom and I have many conversations about bugs and he is aware of my phobia. He does regular preventative maintenance twice yearly. But he knows if I call to treat it as a 911! I had to call in early spring as I discovered a number of lifeless ant bodies, and he showed up by the end of the morning. Apparently, the ants must have ingested an insecticide that he put in various places while doing the inspections. He performed some magic and problem solved. I love my bug man!

If, heaven forbid, I end up alone, I won’t be looking for a rich man, I will check out the bug men –


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