Turkey Trauma

Christmas music starts to play
My Daughter and I cook all day
Singing to “Santa Baby” by Stevie Knicks
Dancing around the kitchen doing high kicks

Isn’t this lovely I say!

Peeling and dicing
Kneading and icing
Dishes galore
I need to rest more
My feet sure are sore

24 HOURS TO GO! The barometric pressure is rising!
“Help” is what my husband said
Off to an appointment instead
By the time he got home
I did the rest of the cooking
My daughter finished the baking
No breaks were we taking

Christmas Eve – a birthday dinner
Salad and lasagna’s always a winner
My son’s late and cranky
I search for a hanky
He eats all alone
The other guy can’t wait to get home
The wind has sped up
I can hardly hold my cup

12 HOURS TO GO The ocean floor is starting to quiver!
Christmas Morning- is my son-in-law on the way?
At stormy Heathrow he did sleep
My daughter doesn’t make a peep
She’s checking the planes
In no mood for games

Xmas morning Brunch – my husband is cooking
Out the window we’re looking
People arriving
I think one’s already been imbibing
His cap stays in place
We won’t bother saying grace

This year we exchanged names
Directions were clear
$50 to do up a stocking
To help spread the cheer

Someone got confused
There’s a problem with the gifting
Did I feel the house shifting
An unwrapped bottle of booze
The recipient left and
Went home for a snooze

The turkey is done
The tsunami hits
I’m almost in fits
My Daughter holds my arms
Tells me to chill
If that doesn’t help
“How bout a pill”
I won’t mention what went through my mind
it wasn’t too kind

The mother-in-laws arrive
One was awake all night
And looked quite a fright
The other had a migraine
That brought her to her knees
Will this day be over soon, P L E A S E

My daughter stayed by the phone
Until her man arrived home
I realized I’m in this alone
The waves are cresting
Shouldn’t I be resting

Then we sat down and ate
The turkey turned out great
This year was really strange
I swear I’m never doing this again!


2 Replies to “Turkey Trauma”

  1. I remember that Christmas well….the chaos was swirling around you at the time, but at least we can think back and laugh! Thanks for recalling the ‘Trauma’ in poetry Marg…love you!


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