The Perils of Babysitting

Our darling new granddaughter came home from the hospital.  Mother and baby are doing well.   The Father, not so good.

The week before the birth, he threw out his back and spent time in a wheelchair, then after hours of physio, was walking with a cane.  When the call came for us to “make it quick”, as our daughter-in-law was in heavy labour, we grabbed the bare necessities, phones and iPads and started out to battle rush hour traffic.  Our daughter-in-law was outside pacing the driveway when we pulled in and had no words.

Our little grandson was a 19-month “dream baby”.  They were hoping he wasn’t a “trick baby” and that the new little bundle would be difficult.  They were definitely spoiled.  His 7-year-old​ sister was my right-hand​ girl, even helped me bathe him.   She was very keen on shampooing his little bit of hair and reapplied the shampoo every time I got him rinsed.  My heart skipped a beat when he got bored with being shampooed and did a flip in the tub.  She calmly said, ” no problem Grammie he does that all the time”! (I bet)

Add in a gentle, medium-sized house dog and a “Poppy” who will not pick up dog poo!!!!!!!  He went around putting flags in the backyard so our son (the one with the bad back) could do the honours when he got home.

Sleep wasn’t an issue, not with either child; however, we had a bit of a problem with that.  We were in the lower west wing of the big house and we had to stay awake in case the little guy cried out as it would take us at least ten minutes of hiking up a dangerous, mountainous stairway that had already claimed two adult victims!

He did sing out once around 2 am and when I managed to pick him up part of his head was barely visible,​ he slithered down into the sleepsack.  Once he could see,  he stared at me, in that “what are you still doing here” look.  I was thinking “oh, oh, this is not going to be good people.”  I cuddled with him, I was afraid to talk to him, put him back with his sleep buddies, tiptoed​ out fully expecting a blood-curdling​ scream.  Amazingly, he went back to sleep without another peep.  Upholding his “dream status”.  I laid awake waiting in case he didn’t go back to sleep.

We enjoyed being there and being able to help out.  It was also good to go back to our own little nest.  We got home around 3 pm, ordered pizza and both instantly fell asleep.  My husband can sleep in a chair (or on a stool) but that makes me dizzy so I crashed on the leather sofa.  Slept for two hours and woke up without the use of my left hand!  After four days of no use, I decided to check it out.   The Doctor said I probably slept on it and caused a problem with the nerve.  No golfing for me that week.

Last night when we were in bed, our son called to see if I misplaced his two blue balls?????  Since, I was busy changing diapers, preparing 6 meals a day, trying not to trip on dinky toys, Barbie accessories and the dog who was always stretched out full- length directly behind me wherever I went, I could quickly assure him that I hadn’t seen his blue balls.

Thank goodness I had no time to go on a tidying up rampage.  Note to all grandmothers —— beware of tidying up while visiting your children’s homes as your memory could fail you and you could end up in “big sh–!

My highlight was finding a “white feather” on the kitchen floor and asking my granddaughter where that could have come from.  Without missing a beat she said “from your hair Grammie”!

I still smile when I think of that!

Happy memories!

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