Confessions of the Computer Challenged

My grandson and I have a lot in common when it comes to the iPad. We both think there is a human in there; one difference, he isn’t afraid of his!  When he was three years old, he said to the iPad “I love you Siri” — Siri, in a rather arrogant tone, snapped back “that is not appropriate “! All he did was laugh. I, on the other hand, am always whining to mine “where did that go?” Or screaming “NO, NO, NO, NOT AGAIN! That is usually when I have spent a long time copying two pages and I go to the e-mail to paste it and I get “The”! Yes, one word! And, what the hell does the “select all” do. Never once has that made anything appear. UMM, sometimes stuff will show up where it does not belong- it seems to wait to appear in very strange places.

The other day as I was chatting with my Daughter on the phone my granddaughter let out a blood-curdling scream. My grandson yelled for Siri to “STOP VIDEO” as he had to pee.

One of my most recent booboos was, I saw a great picture of my Daughter at an acquaintances wedding. I decided I would like to copy it but something went very wrong. I got a message that the bride’s wedding album (who I did not know) was downloading all 250 pictures. This necessitated a 911 call to my Daughter at work. I wanted the bride’s phone number so I could call to apologize so she wouldn’t think I was a stalker.

I have been on FB for quite awhile but I could never get the hang of “where to leave my message”.  Still not sure but am experimenting now. As far as sharing it never tells me who I am sharing with??? I find that strange and sometimes, I never see it again. Another problem is I have very impatient fingers, so if you see two of everything on my FB page it was because the first time I pressed it was too slow.

Another question? If you take a picture and put it on the newsfeed and I like it, can I use it on my page? Is there some kind of etiquette?  The whole reason this came up was my Sister sent me four pages from a book, all scrunched together on Messenger. Because the writing was so small, I couldn’t see the words, I decided to read it when I found my magnifying glass. In the meantime, my Daughter called to discuss those pages and told me how to grow them up!!

To all my Facebook friends, I hope you weren’t offended when I stayed rather mute all these years, it was nothing to do with our friendship, I was too afraid to touch anything. And just so you know it wasn’t just you, we had a visit with our banker who wanted me to input something private on his desktop. My Husband warned him “I was the kiss of death”. He poo-pooed that and with a confident smile on his face passed the laptop over to me and within thirty seconds, the entire computer froze. First of all, he said no sweat as he knew exactly what to do. Wrong! Now I noticed his rosy cheeks weren’t looking so rosy and I saw fear in his eyes. As he called the bank’s head office security department I noticed a pall coming over his face. As he croaked out his various codes and was able to answer an assortment of identifiers he started to relax. When we go in now for a consult, he is rather edgy. I think he is afraid he may lose his job. Those Bankers take everything so seriously.

3 Replies to “Confessions of the Computer Challenged”

  1. I remember one day at work, I was explaining something to you and you finally had enough and said “Don’t tell me WHY, just tell me HOW!” 🙂


  2. I’ve been using computers for the majority of every day since ’95, and I still have issues with a thing or two. There’s no shame in being tech-illiterate, or tech-incapable. The important thing though, is that you relate your experiences with computers so that we more tech-knowledgeable folks can get a chuckle out of it


  3. Never be afraid to ask for help or wait to long. That’s the difference between kids and adults. Don’t apologize for asking the same question over and over.


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