What New Fresh Hell Is This?

Last night I decided not to take any chances when getting ready for bed.  I put on a thick pair of golf socks, flannel pj bottoms and my normal short sleeve pj top. I haven’t worn long-sleeve PJ tops or bottoms since my hysterectomy in 1994.  Then I debated on a hoodie. After considerable thought, I decided not to in case my Husband woke up and mistook me for a robber.

Something strange is going on as the night before last was the second time in a week, I got in bed and was kept awake by chills.  Once I realized these chills were not going away, I was too cold to get out of bed.  So I lay there all huddled up trying not to move so I didn’t circulate air.  I kept hoping I would warm up and fall asleep 😴 Not so!  Eventually, with shaking hands I dug out a pair of socks (I happened to grab a pair from the dollar store that had Canada written on them –hadn’t had them on for awhile, well precisely since last Canada Day – go figure.  I grabbed my housecoat and hunkered down for the night feeling very patriotic.

This got me thinking of sleepwear in the early days of our marriage.  I clearly remember when the honeymoon phase was over, I thought up a signal for my Husband:

It didn’t take long before I got rid of the nighties!

Now with this current “chill” situation, (which I hope is an aberration),  I am wondering if I have wandered into a different stage – where everywhere I go, I will be cold.   I already have been bringing a light shawl tied around my purse anytime I travel or go into an air-conditioned space but I figure that is “just in case” and sensible.  Like always having kleenex and your phone with you (I remember my Mom always made me take kleenex and a quarter to make an emergency phone call).

Since I only have one flannel PJ bottom, it looks like I will have to make another shopping trip.   I have no idea if they sell them here in the south but, if so, I can probably get a good deal on a pair – in fact with the coupon from the flyer and the 15% off on senior’s day, and the 85% off the clearance, they probably will pay me to take them.

If all else fails I might have to try making a few pairs.  I wonder if you buy flannel by the pound like the nylon for that one pair of panties I made years ago.   IF so, I may need some help to carry it out to the car.

Anyone out there want nine pounds of nylon, free of course?


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