The Party Isn’t Over

Yesterday, despite the fact I could hardly see out of my red swollen eyes, I was delighted to receive birthday messages from family, friends and acquaintances.  I now know how the Queen feels.  My son called me from his bathroom while he watched my 5 year old grandson who was in the tub.  That adorable little boy serenaded me with a rather sleepy Happy Birthday song.  Then there was a bit of commotion as my son wrenched the bubble bath out of his hand, unfortunately, a little too late.  On that note, my anxiety started to kick in as I imagined my son trying to get a slippery little boy out of the tub.  Time to say nightie nite and seek out a glass of Pinot!

My husband had planned for us to go to Carrabas for dinner, one of my favs, but bought me red roses and a balloon instead.  He felt I wouldn’t be up for it but I think he didn’t want to be seen in public with me – LOL.    I am not bitter at all.

Today is much better I can actually open my eyes and I got up to find belated birthday messages.  I always thought what the heck are those “belated cards for”, who wants one after their birthday. To tell you the truth, it darn right irritated me.  Well, guess what, I changed my mind.  I think once we get to 65, we should make an announcement, that we have decided to celebrate our birthday for the entire year.  This idea came from a dear friend, Ang, and I have taken the liberty of adopting it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful when you woke up to start your day feeling special!

Where was I going with yes, oh yes,   I started the Oprah and Deepak 21 day free meditation, this is my third free one.  I can’t quite figure out when they will stop all the free ones because they peddle them in between times.  Anyway, I am not a good meditator – I really just like to have a good reason to go to my room and seclude myself for 40 minutes or so. Through this meditating, I have discovered the reason I couldn’t breastfeed, I need too many props.   So yesterday, I gathered up my softest afghan, got a candle and a match, dug out my iPad and away I went.  Then the question was, should I put my pj’s on in case I fall asleep?   I don’t want to wrinkle up everything I am wearing. Ok, put my pj’s on and found two pillows one for under my knees and one for under my arm, actually there is hardly room in bed for me anymore (bad sciatica).  I ran out to get my ice pack and finally schooched everything around until I got all comfortable on my bed.   I had to lay still for awhile to catch my breath. Found the meditation site and it said log in!  Why, why, why Lord don’t they know me by now????

Time to get off the bed and try to find my password book —why is nothing simple anymore?




2 Replies to “The Party Isn’t Over”

  1. Enjoying your blog Marg. Will also try to keep up with your Bridge lessons. Hope all your
    ” issues” get resolved and you get a little golf in.


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