All Hallows Eve

I was so excited that I had two people on my MargieGrams blog (my sister and a dear, dear friend from the past)  that I am actually writing immediately. Emmie, even though my sister said I shouldn’t reply, I didn’t want to be rude.  Now I am not sure how to get rid of my gracious reply that doesn’t want to leave the site.  I must say while my iPad was recharging, I spent a lot of trips running to check for hits.  I do believe, this could qualify as exercise – interval training.   Have a sip of wine and run to iPad – very good exercise.  In fact, this may be the “AH HA” moment I’ve been searching for.

On a much more serious note, my eyes started itching, turned red and are swelling as I write. I took two Benadryl with my wine so should clear shortly.  I must warn you this happened two weeks ago when I had the Outback’s special house margarita.  You might just order the regular one as I never had a problem before.  I woke up with two badly swollen eyes on Sunday at 6 am in North Carolina and we were frantically googling pharmacies-found one twenty miles down the road and after a nice chat with a sleepy pharmacist and two Benadryl, I was able to open my eyes again.

I did get a call from my daughter today asking me why I sent a link about pooping to a group of her friends, some of them from University that she hasn’t connected with in ten years.  She politely asked me not to ever do it again, assured me she still loved me and hung up.

Despite these hurdles, my wonderful sister, Donna, who has had a fantastic blog for some time ( set up this website for me and one called “thebridgeguru”.   Thank you so much Sis I so appreciate all the effort and creativity you put into this.  I want you to know when you tell me to look for something and I can’t find it on my FB page, I can tell you have “your bitch face on”.  I love you anyway and I have two facebooks that are entirely different and I am scared to do anything in case they both disappear.

So, All Hallows’ Eve starts at sunset October 30th aka “The Day” which happens to be my birthday.  It is a day when our ancestors float around and try to get our attention.  Since I am writing a book about healing the past for our dearly departed, I am putting out food and lighting their way with a candle (no carrots or cookies please – this is not about Santa).

Hope you get to pass out all the treats you were hiding in the trunk of your car for the last few weeks.   Just remember if you eat too many of those small chocolate bars, you won’t feel so good.


5 Replies to “All Hallows Eve”

  1. I’m enjoying your blog, Marg! And I can’t even hide my Halloween treats in my trunk because I’d still eat them. I have to wait until very close to Halloween to purchase them.

    Keep writing my friend!


  2. Oh my God 😊, to borrow Oprah’s line “one thing I know for sure” – I’m gonna love this blog! Keep them coming. Let me be the first to offer to carry your book (when you complete it) in my shop!


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